Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can I really make a whole blog out of quetions?

Did you think this was going to be a Q&A? Did you know its not?

Has anyone ever tried this before? to only use questions in a blog? to make it completely void of statements? Does intonation count?

Why can't my brain think of anything to say that might be worth while in question form? Do you think it's because brains only ask questions when they want answers and not when they need to say something?

What was I thinking?

Do you want to see some pictures? No? How about some of my cousins?! Don't you like that idea?

Have you met Elder Despain? Did you know he is a missionary in New Zealand at the moment?

Have you seen his guns?

What do you think missionaries do in their spare time? Did you know that in NZ, do this...?

Have you ever been to New Zealand? Did you know that you don't have to see it to know it's beautiful? The first time you heard the name of that glorious country, you said, "Man that place is beautiful" right? Do you want all your wildest dreams to come true?

Could it be possible that there are things more beautiful in NZ than the scenery? I'm guessing you haven't seen their missionaries or small children, right?

Have you had enough of Jared? If not and you want to write to him, did you know that you can leave me a comment? Did I mention that he comes home in a month? No? Wait, I just did? Well, aren't you clever?!

Do you think it's time to some more cousins?

Have you even seen a cuter little girl with such a cute name? How many kids do you know named Ila? What? You can't pronounce that? Would you have guessed it's like eye-la and it rhymes with Bella?

Would you like to know that I'm related to everyone in that picture and that it was taken at my grandparents house?

Have you even seen so many guys eating lunch around a pickup looking so great?

Did you want to know their names? Would it be funny to you if I told you that I couldn't tell you all of them, other than Jick (who is barely visible and is wearing a red shirt), Frank Allen (in the plaid behind the one in the baseball cap), my Uncle Frank (in the baseball cap), Larry Gibson (in the green with his back to us), his son, Willy (in the vest), Cy (sounds like sigh, stuffing his face), and Dallyn (sitting on the tire)? I think I just named them all...?

Would you guess that I've finally run out of questions?

How long was I thinking this would be? Pages of brilliant questions? Did I think I was gong to use pictures to fill up space? What would you say?


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  1. Did I enjoy reading this post? Would you be surprised if I said yes?
    thanks for the thoughts!