Thursday, April 16, 2009

Incredibly OUTRAGEOUS and Nearly UNATAINABLE but Not IMPOSSIBLE (for the most part)

I'm talking about the crazy wishes I have but that will never, most likely, come true.

My top wishes:

5. Be a mermaid when I grow up.

This has been a wish of mine since I was a little. I thought that I could just grow a tail and live in the sea, or a swimming pool. My sister and I would play mermaid at the public pool and our "tails" were like mood rings. It was great. How cool would it be to be a mermaid anyway? I mean, you get to swim all day, and play with the underwater creatures, and wear sea shell bras, and splash in the water with hot, shirtless guys. Sounds like a perfect life to me.

4. Eat Otter Pops for every meal for the rest of my life.

Really, this is only because I am eating one right now and I love otter pops. I know that they are made of just sugar, water, and coloring, so I would probably die after like a month, from malnutrition.

3. Become a Hogwarts teacher.

I'd be the music or drama teacher, since I'm not actually a witch. It would be awesome. Even though Hogwarts is all about learning magic, I think that an education needs the arts. It's really the only think that Hogwarts lacks. I could claim to be a muggle-born Squib, then they might let me teach.

2. Travel the world...

in a canoe.

Just kidding. But I do want to travel the world. In one trip preferably. I'll take that year long trip Dumbledore never got to go on because of his mother's death. It's not like I want to see every sight; no, that would be impossible, even in a year, if I wanted to enjoy every city. I want to "live" in each city in for a few weeks to know what it's really like there.

The cities I want to see: London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Athens, Ciro, Johannesburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney...

And India, South America, Mexico, Antartica, and the Netherlands are also on my list but I don't know exactly where I would go there.

1. Marry a man who is the perfect mix of...

James McAvoy- for kissing ability (of course I've never kissed him, but just looking at his "talents" on screen proves he is the best kisser EVER. Plus, Kira Knightly said out of all the guys she's locked lips with in the movies, James is the best. What other proof do you need? SEKRIT: I watcch the kiss in Penelope at least twice every time).

Brad Pitt- for his incredible hotness. duh!

Ron Weasley- for boy-ish attitude

A musician- to serene me daily.

and John and Hank Green, all of Sarah Dessen's good guys, Robin Williams, Jacob Black, and Michael Cera- for pure awesomeness!

What are your craziest wishes?

PS- it took me like three hours to make this list.

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