Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am a Happy Kid!

So the best thing that's happened to me today, other than having a great Easter at church and learning a lot about Jesus and stuff, is this little surprise that I had waiting for me in my email. There were actually two surprises! In the order that I receive them: We Shot the Moon is now following me on Twitter, and they also sent me a direct message!!!

REWIND!! This morning I saw two tweets from WSTM that said that they are working on a new album AND a b-side, so I tweeted that I was really excited about a lot of things, including those two things and Easters and I included an @reply.

So this is how they replied!

I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE THIS!!! I made a face (=O but it was full of happiness) when I saw the email and my roommate was like "what?" but she was on the phone so I couldn't jump up and yell in excitement at my news! but I took my laptop over to her so she could read it and she smiled up at me and I was did a happy dance! She laughed at me.

I'm also excited about a We Shot the Moon concert in Phoenix (Tempe really) that is between the time I get back from New York and when I go to Hawaii. SO I'M DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO GO SEE THEM AGAIN! Oh boy!

I heart Jonathan Jones (the lead singer and pianist)! and also Jason De la torre (the bass player) is very funny. When I met him, he told us about his poo and how he is keeping track of it in his "poo log." The only things he tweet about come out of his colon. It is funny.

Needless to say, I am a VERY happy girl right now!

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