Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 1

Blog Every Day April

It is this thing started by Maureen Johnson, a young adult author that I love. The concept is just to blog everyday in April. It was just a personal goal for her but a lot of her fans decided to join in. This is my version.

Just so you know, I already know that I will not -WAIT!!! nevermind. I was going to say that I couldn't blog everyday because of the times that I'm not going to have access to the traditional net BUT!!! I have facebook on my phone. So, nevermind!

Let's get started for real.

Tomorrow I'm going home! I'm excited, hence the exclaimation points!!!!! There are two main reasons to this trip. 1) My high school (GO SPARTANS!) drama club is performing their spring musical (invoke the voice of the drama teacher from HSM). Once Upon a Mattress. My two of my friends are the leads, and a ton of other people I know are involved. Last year, I saw them do Suessical the Musical, and it was pretty much amazig. 2) I have to move home at the end of the month and I have too much crap for one trip. :)

Oh, and secret (meaning implied/I almost forgot) number 3) I miss my family.

So I've just set a new goal for myself, other than BEDA. I want to have my frist book all typed up by my birthday in Novemember. So far I'm about half way done at 154 pages and 38,727 words. I anticipate finishing early with all the time I'm going to spend between the beach and Starbucks in Hawaii this summer. This means I am going to be sending out to pubishers before the end of the year!! That is super exciting!

Ok, so the end! have a great day!

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