Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I think, today being the seventh, that it is appropriate to tell you all about my favorite Harry Potter game.

It is not, however, a real game based on the series. The real game is called Bananagrams. 144 tiles are used to create words in a crossword-like board. In our version, the way my roommate Lindsay and I play, we make words from the greatest books and movies ever made*. We seriously play this game at least twice a week.

This was my first Pottergram, so it was kind of experimental. Instead of spliting the tiles in half, we played so you start with 21 and drew one more each time each of us used all of our tiles, but we "dumped" (discared one tile in exchange for three more) so much that we might as well have divided them all in half anyway. haha. As you can tell we got kinda excited and took pictures with the books. *giggles nerdily*

Oh man, this was the first time I did it alone, using all the tiles while timing myself. I finished in about 50 minutes, but when Lindsay was checking it, she found that I had left the H off the end of Hepzibah.... 30 minutes later, I had this. I got to keep most of the words from before, which makes me happy. I'm especially proud of getting most of Dumbledore's name. I had the whole thing before... the incedent, but I couldn't get it in after rearranging.

There are others between these too but they aren't remarkable.

I like this one because of how compact it is. I like Accio and Romilda. It was funny- I was reaching for the seventh book but it was just a little too far away and I was waving my fingers at it in a "come hither" way, then I looked at my roommate for help even though she was farther away than me, and she said Accio Deathly Hallows, like the video. I couldn't stop laughing.

I did this one this morning, alone again. Don't worry, these are all words in the books, well mabe not SUV (my defense is that the Dursley's seem like SUV people). I really like grapefruit and Liechtenstein, and Ferrari. I tried to use obscure Potter words only, but I was running out of options, hence Nox and Peeves.

*I don't actually think that the Harry Potter movies are the best films ever made and the books are just way up there, top twenty for sure.

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