Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sorry I seemingly quit on you mid BEDA. I really didn't. I wasn't actually able to write my blog for the last 8-ish days of April, so I wrote them all before hand, all in one night when I was supposed to be packing/cleaning my apartment, and set date they should be published. But that was all on the ning. :) I'll get around to putting the rest of BEDA posts on here soon, like in the next week but I have way more important things to tell you right now.

BUT FIRST! Yes, I went to New York. Yes, I'm going to blog about it. No, I am not ready to blog about it yet. You will have to wait. I'm waiting for pictures.


I started a vlog!!! my channel is going to be freaking amazing. please go and watch. rate. favorite. subcribe. love. tell your friends.

I'm vlogging about being a writer, my stories, and my journey to publishedhood. yes, I made that up. Also, possibly going to just make random videos. actually that VERY VERY possible, concidering I already have publlished a pretty random video. :)

So if you've liked the pieces I've posted here, or soon will post, and you want to know more go to youtube and watch me! Also, i fyou love my randomness/awkwardness :)


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