Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Brother and Big Problems

WARNING!!!! I am going to tell you about my stresses.

Within the next five days I have to move, possibly twice. It's the end of the semester, therefore my apartment contract, here at BYU. So I have to go back home to Phoenix. Not a big deal. UNTIL!!! yesterday when my dad told me that we are going to be moving out of our house on FRIDAY!

Moving to my grandparent house.

Near (not even in) a small northern Arizona town

Where I'm related to about 60% of the male population.

Who are hot cowboys.

Where I can't access the internet.

That's a two hour drive from the airport.

After I've booked very expensive tickets to NYC and Hawaii.

Two trips that are days apart.

Yeah, I'm not very happy about this. I'm trying to find someone to stay with in Phoenix but this whole thing is so last minute... I would just go if it weren't for the fact that I have things to DO in PHOENIX, close to internet access, stores, public transportation, people, skyscrapers, etc.

Really this is my only stress but whatever. It's a big one.


Now I have to think of something interesting for you to read.... HOW ABOUT ANOTHER STORY!? It's another short story from my creative writing class. We were asked to take one of our favorite stories and write a story in that world. I wrote about 1984, by George Orwell.This is still pretty rough and it could use a lot of work now that I'm allowed as many words as I want. I don't plan on ever publishing this; it was just fun. ANYWAY!!! Here it goes!

A Kiss in 1984
Adam Taylor looked at me. The right side of his mouth popped up and his bright green eyes lowered to the floor after meeting my brown ones for a half second. He glanced at the telescreen on the cantina wall, daring it to punish him for his current thoughts.
We work on the same floor in the Ministry of Peace, under the “Big Brother is watching” poster. I’ve never spoken to him, but I’ve seen his name plate many times. He is tall and young with broad shoulders and a square jaw. In my opinion, he’s Oceania’s most beautiful Party member. Sometimes, I picture myself running my pale hands through his short, dark hair.
Then I remember my position and the rumors I’ve heard about those who commit thoughtcrimes: they disappear.
Adam Taylor has no business looking at me. My hair is dull and my eyes are as ordinary as the rest of me. My record with the Thought Police is spotless and I’m the president of my neighborhood Junior Anti-Sex League. I warn girls about men that look at us the way Taylor just looked at me: they are dangerous enemies of Big Brother.
Therefore, it surprises me how much I enjoyed that brief interaction with Taylor. I had seen something in his eyes and I wanted to see more.
I quickly apologize for my thoughts. I am a good Party member.
Yes, Adam Taylor is dangerous, I decide.
As I turn a corner on my way back to work, someone grabs me, pulls me into a small, shadowed alcove, and covers my mouth.
“It’s me,” a smooth tenor voice whispers in my ear, “Adam Taylor.”
He is holding me against his body with one hand on my back, and our cheeks are together. This is closer than I have ever been to a man, closer than Big Brother permits.
“I’m not going to hurt you. Please don’t scream.”
I nod as best I can, because I believe him and I want to know his secrets.
Taylor removes his hand from my mouth, giving me room to look at him. We stare at each other. I marvel at his beauty, and wonder what he sees in me. His eyes search my face for a moment before they stop on my lips.
“You are so beautiful,” Taylor says.
He leans forward and our lips meet. It’s my first kiss. I resist at first but he is too strong, though very gentle. I like the way his lips move against mine, and soon I am mimicking his actions.
As this continues, I realize that everything I know about Big Brother is wrong.
Suddenly, rough hands grab me and pull me away from Adam. I struggle to return to his kinder arms. Several men in black overalls are trying to restrain him.
“I love you,” he yells.
One man punches his jaw and they continue to beat him.
“I love you too!”
Someone slaps me.
The Thought Police are already here to make us disappear.



  1. Great! About your phoenix problems... you could sleep in the car? lol well....maybe not

  2. I love the story. It leaves me wanting more!

    About Phoenix... I can think of a few ppl that might let you stay w/them for a few days! I don't know if you mean permanent residence?

  3. not a bad story :) i enjoyed it. i wish there was a follow up. he loves her after one kiss?