Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rant, Regan, Random, Pottergram update

I'm not in the greatest mood right now and I feel like venting. Sorry.

My job at church isn't very hard, except when it comes to a few things. Well, just one thing. As the ward Relief Society Secretary, I am in charge of the roll and getting the visiting teaching report in every month. However, for as long as I've had this calling, the people who are suppossed to send me their reports don't do it in time, and that still hardly their faults because the teachers wait until the last minute to do their visiting. Yes I am guilty of this too so I am a little mad at myself.

BUT STILL!! The report is four days over due and we had to call the supervisors TODAY! to see if they had their reports done. And did they? NO! So, this just makes me look bad and that I don't do my job right but really, those other girls know what they have to do and they shouldn't wait for us to come a-callin' to get it done.


So anyway, have you heard of Brian Regan? If so, you know how awesome he is. If not, you should know that he is this really awesome comedian. I can't go onto an airplane without watching the other passagers with their lugage and thinking, "this is the size of a postage stamp and you have a DEAD YAK!" (LARGE carry on in the overhead). Also, I tend to talk with my hands and the actions don't really make sense so I often find myself saying "I don't understand my own visuals." Also, I have the tendancy to tell people "You too!" but they work their so they aren't going to have a good flight, or enjoy their meal, or whatever to my friends who are not going to do what I'm about to do.

and now I don't remember where I was going with this.... oops!

Don't you love me!?

I'll let you know whenever I remember :)

OO! Happy Easter Eve!

I'm just saying random stuff now.

Yesterday when I got home from my grandma's house I did some Pottergrams... I'M A NERD!! Yup it's official, because not only did I do it when I got home, I did it again, after my roommates were all asleep :) I try to do themes with my Pottergrams, and some times it is successful, and other times not.

My first one of the day, which I did while Lindsay was Skype chating with some ningers or else I probably would have been ODing on the web, I tried to use only muggle names. It was hard. I had to pull from the movies and that got crazy. Since Lindsay was on my computer I couldn't look up any of the names for spelling and we only have one of the movies in the apartment, so I used my Harry Potter Scene It? game to find names of actors and directors and such. Tis why it is out! PS I love that game.

So, I have a challenge for any of you who wish to take it! Tell me who each of the names are! Some of them have more than one person, but that's ok, I did mean both of them! Now, here's the trick! You can't google, IMDb, or use any other kind of web search to find who these people are. (the words you don't need to worry about because they aren't people, just in care you were wondering: AXE, BEZOAR, QUIBBLER, QUIZ, EXPECTO.) Enjoy!

For the second one, I wanted to just do places in London (I can't believe I forgot about Kings Cross), however, the books only mention about six places there so I had to turn to normal Harry Potter words.

I like how closely packed it is around AXEBANGER and the WEASLEY area. This was a big one. Seriously, it was about as long as my leg, which is long.

So before I went to my grandma's house this week I stopped by Jamba Juice on campus and grabbed a chunky strawberry yummy thing! and as I was waiting for it, this poster for the Divine Comedy (a BYU put on SNL-like skit based comedy group that is pretty much amazing. All clean jokes, all in fun, totally awesome!) They like to do parodies of movies. On one side of the banner was a pretty good copy of the Dark Knight movie poster, but it was spelled Dark KnYght, because BYU is locally known as "the Y", and on the other side was this...

It rocked my socks off. I just had to take a picture! PS I love Twilight! in case I haven't mentioned it before. So this basically made my day.

Again, happy Easter Ever!


PS! like 3 hours later!!
I remembered what I was going to say about Brian Regan!! He does this set about the instructions for poptarts and how they are so detailed for such a simple task. and how there are two sets of instructions, toaster and microwave (1. remove from pouch. 2. put in microwave for 3 seconds. "if you are so crunched for time that you need to zapfry your poptarts, you really need to loosen up your morning schedule") Well, I was eating poptarts earlier today and I didn't want to wait for the toaster so I put them in the microwave. Our microway sucks so I ended up putting them in there for about 15 seconds. they where yummy! and soft!! Anyway! I got to zapfry my poptarts!

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