Friday, April 10, 2009

You mean I'm not the only one on this planet?

So it's crazy that people are out there. Does that make sense? Like, I forget that people had lives before they met me and they continue to have them after we part. And it's mind blowing to think that everyone is so diverse personality wise.

So I was just thinking about this because on my way back from my grandma's house today (FYI I went to Idaho yesterday to see said relative) there was this kid on the bus that was just cracking me up, after he woke up from his nap and I took my head phones off of course. He was cute too, except for his beard thing. He had curly hair and blue eyes and therefore I loved him. not. but basically yeah. ;)

SO anyway! Even after talking with him and others for only an hour, I knew, or could tell so much about him.

Like I said, I forget that there are real people outside the circle of people I know. It's nice when I remember that others exist. It puts me back in my place and I appreciate them all so much more.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

I also experience this phenomenon when I am catching up with people I've lost touch with and we are reuniting. I did that a lot over the last day, and there is much of that coming up in the months a head. With my mom's side of the family today, and some old family friends when I go home to Phoenix at the end of the month and school and church friends when I'm home. and again when I'm in Hawaii with other relatives and some more when I visit my friend in CT and we go to NYC (I'm super pumped by the way). It's nice to know that life goes on without me.

AND THEN there is thinking about just everyone else in the world that I don't know, doing crazy, adventurous things, or boring, normal things, whatever, just living their lives that I don't even know about and will never know about. Just think about the people doing BEDA. something like 350 participants? each one of them blogging and recording their lives and sharing them with us. And when April ends, they will STILL be OUT THERE... LIVING!!! even though they aren't recording it for us.


See this is why I believe in journals. and biographies, and memoirs. man a live!

Anyway, enough psycho babble for one day!


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  1. Haha, sometimes I see someone I haven't seen in a few years or so, and I am amazed that they can look any different or have done anything else since they last saw me.