Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anarchy that I Run

Things I should be doing right now:
-going to the UPS store
-calling people to find a place to stay

Things I am doing right now:
-writing a blog.
-reading BEDA buddies' blogs
-waiting for my cousin to call
-feeling sorry for myself
-(a while later) no longer feeling sorry for myself

Hello BEDA friends!

I hate packing and everything that has to do with moving right now. But let's talk about something fun!

If I had a super power, what would it be?

Well, let me start off by saying what I know it wouldn't be: speed, agility, strength, or invisibility. Those are all so cliche.

I'd want to be able to change shape. Take on other people's appearances as well as look like animals and inanimate objects. That would be cool.

I'd also have a freakishly good memory. I'd be able to quote lengthy conversations and describe scenes in detail years after the fact. This would also be handy when I'm trying to tell someone what really happened on the Lightening Struck Tower, or the real lyrics to the song.

What would I do with my powers?

I would use them to become the ultimate cage fighting champion.

Oh wait, that was Pete, Monica's boyfriend on Friends! Silly mistake.

No, I wouldn't really be evil, but I would use them to become eliminate all other evil doers (except Dr. Horrible, who has a PhD in Horribleness and a bachelors in AWESOME!) therefore I would be the most evil one out there, which isn't really saying much. So I guess this would actually make me a good guy....?

Except for my love of practical jokes, which I will play all the time because of my shape shifting ability! One minute I'm a chair someone is about to sit in and the next I'm a rug or a penny and the sitter falls to the floor and their chair has disappeared! Eavesdropping for my own personal gain and the defeat of more supreme evils!!! *laughs evilly*

So, once I defeat all other evil, I will be free to reek havok all over the earth and BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

So basically I'm going to be the supervillain form of Peeves! I'm excited!!!

What will my super villain name be?

Well, Peeves and Dr. Horrible are both taken...

as well as Princess Consuela, and Crap Bag...


Until tomorrow,
Master of Misdeeds!

PS I googled the name and IT WASN'T TAKEN!!

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