Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 4

Well, first of all, I decided to stay in Phoenix an extra day. If it weren't for all the stuff I left in provo, like some great roommates and a calling, oh and like half my junk, I'd concider staying. Period.

I just watched Twilight. Again. This is my fifth (?) viewing. And I still love it, extremely. I still can't breathe when Edward and Bella dance in his room. I hyperventilate everytime Carlisle walks into the hospital and when Jasper is twirling the baseball bat. Mike still makes me laugh and Angela keeps getting funnier. Edward still looks the best when he is telling Bella that he's going to take her to meet the family and he fixes her truck, just before the very funny stare off between him and Billy. You know what I mean.

Enough gushing.

Today was the first day of General Conference. I slept through both sessions, because I didn't sleep again last night. "As long as I'm going to hell anyway..." (sorry, more twilight. And I know I didn't get that quote right but close enough is good enough. That half version is from the movie anyway, so that's especially true :))

So, I write, right? (Couldn't resist). And as more people are reading my first book, or at least part of it, I tend to spill a lot of secrets. Its mostly to whoever is around as I'm typing because I'll find a line particularly funny and have to share. BUT there is a huge secret that I'm keeping and it killing me not to tell Lindsay, my roomie who is reading my story. I've already told her a really big one and it makes her sad. Its a sad secret. and I am always really close to saying something hinty about the hugest secret of all, even just now, I constantly have to think about what I'm saying so little hints don't escape. Even to say who the secret is about would be huge.

I wish I could go to Foo and burry this thing. I'd keep the key with me but I wouldn't be carrying the burden of this knowledge with me anylonger. I mean, its not like this secret is about distroying all the sycophants but its still pretty big.

Anyway, that's enough info for you today!


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