Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ning fail!

So did you know I talk to myself? (OH THAT EXPLAINS THE NAME OF THE BLOG!!! and so much else...) Well, I don't actually do it very much, out loud, for other people to hear. I mostly imagine how I want conversations with OTHER PEOPLE to go, but for some reason they never happen that way -turns out I am horrible at guessing what other people are thinking.

Well, yesterday the inner exhibitionist (don't go there pervs) in me got a little carried away and I talked to my self on MJ's ning... because no one else was talking and I was hoping that others would 1. join in or 2. would keep reading until I COMPLETELY embarassed myself. For some reason, I like to do that.

Well, shortly after this and some talking about what I was up to at the time (thinking about how awesome BEDA is and the movie Rudy) the ning chat failed and no other post could be made. I did continue to post however in the hopes that it was just my computer faweakin' its head off, for the benefit of all the MJ fans, and even MJ herself because she was at least signed on at the time.

STUPID NING FAIL!! I was also hoping that Maureen was going to say that she loved my mental babble on the chat. I will never know.

And although this is a great blog for the day, it is still early and I might MIGHT!! post again later.

to my loyal fans,


  1. That's the issue with ning chat. It fails waaay to much. For the record, a lot of us are on skype now, just friend one of us, and we'll add you to the chat and you can chat with other ningers to your heart's content.


  2. Yeah... Skype is a new world =P
    You're awesome, Geri. "I love your mental babble"