Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wizard Love!

So I JUST finished watching the documentary We Are Wizards. Its about the Harry Potter fandom and several very influential people in that group. I'm sure that it is kind of old and I am WAY behind on the times with this but how could I not blog about it?

So if you haven't watched it, I suggest you do. But I warn you that it is over an hour long. Or you could not watch it as I am about to basically summarize it for you!

Short clip of crazy British woman who thinks Harry Potter leads children to evil.

Skip to Harry and the Potters, wizard rock group of infamy! Two brothers who basically created the genre. They have dorky laughs and I love it.

Enter the Hongarian Horntails and their family. By far my favorite parts of the doc. were of them, but that's because they are seven and four year old boys singing about dragons and magic and stuff.

(PS Lindsay just said that she was thinking about Dr. Horrible while shaving her legs. me: *laughs likes its the best thing I've seen since DR. Horrible, because it was!*)

Then we have the Wizard People guy. He saw Sorcerers Stone and loved it so he created his own audio version of the movie to be played with the video that involves a lot more swearing and inaccurate dialogue, but it's the same general* idea as the film.

Stuff about Melissa Anelli, the creator of the Leaky Cauldron and author of Harry, A History.

And some stuff about the girl who was the face of Potter Wars. Very cool girl.

Then back to crazy Brit, who probably knows more about magical cults than any Harry Potter fan just because she's dedicated herself to fighting it. I haven't heard of half the stuff she talked about, but I haven't heard about a millionth of anything.

And repeat about five times.

In Conclusion, Wizard Rock is AMAZING, seven year olds are cute, Wizard People guy is now a cartoonist and he has everything because of his fan-ness, Melissa Anelli is awesome, Potter Wars girl is also awesome and wants to be a race car driver and she the war with WB got her through a very hard time in her life with her disease, and crazy Brit lady is still crazy and thinks Satan is attacking children through Harry Potter. The end.

So, even though it was a little odd, I still found this whole video fascinating! Who knew about Mr. Wizard People? Not me. And even though I had a vague recollection of the Potter Wars, I didn't know the the person behind it was a 16 year old girl with a fatal disease! How awesome is she? VERY I TELL YOU! VERY!!!!

And as for crazy Brit. She felt like the joke of the whole thing. Why did they include her?

So, I must say that I am very proud to be part of the Harry Potter fandom. Before Twilight, way back in middle school, I was the Harry Potter girl. Even in high school, if someone need some sort of Harry Potter trivia answered, they came to me. And even though I've only been to one midnight book release, and I only own one of the movies and I'm missing the fourth book, I am a fan and it's in a big way. Loving the world from JKR's head isn't about how much stuff you have, it's about the space it hold in your heart and the amount of time you think about it a day.

No, I am not a wizard. I am a Muggle and I am proud of it!


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