Sunday, April 11, 2010

WEDO (oh look this is like an actual blog)

Last October, one of my favorite youtubers, Levi Beamish (an amateur director/film maker from New Zealand), started a month long video project called "Vlog Every Day October." VEDO. The video he made announcing it was super cute and it made me kind of fall in love with him.

Then, in January, I decided to do a parody of that video. At first it was going to be as a birthday surprise for a friend but then I realized her birthday had JUST passed and I didn't want to wait a year to make this video.

The first thing I did was watch the original video while transcribing the dialog and noting every jump cut. Then I wrote a script, changing just about everything Levi said to the exact opposite. I based my video off of my rewritten title "Wolves Every Day Owned" so where ever he was talking about vlogging, I was talking about owning werewolves.

After that, I went through the original video taking screen caps of very unique gesture or expression Levi made so that I would be able to copy it. Here are several of the 46 screen caps I took:

I studied these pictures and watched his video many times over the course of "preproduction" which was only about a two weeks from the time I had the idea to filming. I can still recite his video word for word right along with him.

Then came filming day. I cleaned my room, made my bed, and dressed to match his video as best as I could.

And I filmed. Which took me close to an hour. I shot in three different segments and did two straight run throughs before getting all the footage I needed. Editing all that took much much longer. Well really it only took about 2 hours but it felt like forever.

However, nothing seemed to take longer than Levi accepting my video as a reply after I put it on youtube. I can't even remember now how long it took, but I think it was over a week. In that time, I watched my own version over 50 times wondering if Levi was going to think it was stupid, left him page comments letting him know I was interested in hearing seeing some sort of feed back from him, and watching my other favorite videos from him while questioning my own mental stability. Once the reply was accepted, I only waited a hours before giving up on him ever saying anything to me about the video.

At first I thought not hearing back from this beautiful man would kill me since I was so proud of my video and I look up to him so much, but then I just realized it wasn't that important. I had fun making the video. It has made people laugh and that is what is most important.

I hope that making this video taught me something about vlogging for real. And I hope telling you about this was helpful/interesting as well.


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