Sunday, April 4, 2010

random post

I don't know if this is obvious or not but I actually post for the day before going to bed the night before. So when I talk about "today" I actually mean yesterday. (cool)

I wish skype emoticons were available everywhere else on the interwebs. but maybe not everywhere because then it would be boring and I wouldn't feel so cool when I say (cool).

I'm really tired.

Doctor Who is amazing. I only started watching it in January, starting with the Nineth Doctor. Finished in about 2 weeks time. then watched Confidential and Torchwood. Then I started watching the Sarah Jane Adventures but I only made it though the first season. It was just kinda dull ori got distracted by life or something idk. Anyway, I loved David Tennant (RIP) and I will miss him, but I really like Matt Smith. Can you say unf?*

ok I can't think of anything else. love ya!

*i'm sorry that is a silly picture. I said I was tired. but really, any picture of him will work.

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