Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The rest of my BEDA... in June. :)

So this is going to be a SUPER long post in which I share with you my last days of BEDA.

April 27- Random Facts that EVERYONE Should Know

So I just went to wikipedia, clicked the random article button and told you something interesting I learned.

Suraj Parkash is a book writen in 1843 A.D by Bhai Santokh Singh, and it also goes by Gur Partap Suraj.

Martin Erat is a Czech hockey player who is known for his wrist shot and his speed.

Santa Comba CF (Club de FĂștbol) is a soccer team in Galicia, Spain.

Power-on reset is something with a lot of big, technological words that I can't understand, like microcontroller.

The second track on Live Live Live Extra is called Wriggle.

Aimee Bender's writing ha been inspired by Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and Anne Sexton.

Ok, this is already boring me. I'm sorry. I hope you liked it. I thought this game would be more fun.

So... let me tell you about another story from my creative writing class. This one is true because the unit was creative nonfiction. It's a hard genre. Our assignment was to do something daring and outside of our comfort zones. I decided to do something kinda crazy and at the last second couldn't do it. I'd had a week to do it even. Here's what happened...

His Shoes

My goal: kiss a stranger. That’s not so hard… if you’re crazy!
I noticed the guy that sat next to me in the library this afternoon. Every man that had crossed my path in the past week was put into one of two categories; kissable or not. It’s hard to decide how to kiss someone, especially when he is on the move. This guy was no exception. He was kissable and certainly stationary enough.
This was a new step. Should I kiss him?
He crossed his legs. He was wearing a pair of different colored All Stars, one green, one black.
I had to kiss him. How could I pass this up? Not only was he a stranger but I had never decided to kiss a boy based on the color of his shoes.
This realization, that I had picked someone, hit with a rush of adrenalin as I waited for my courage to catch up with my decision. My hands were trembling but earthquakes were raging inside my body, invisible to everyone else. Could a seismograph detect them?
He had long fingers. I wanted them in my hair when I kissed him. No, bad Geri!
I glanced at his lips. They were beautiful, even though they were only in profile. I couldn’t spoil them and decided to kiss him on the cheek. That would be easier, less bold but still requiring more bravery than I possessed.
The longer I waited the more nervous I became. The outer shakes calmed but the inner ones were intensifying. Why did I want to do kiss a stranger again?
I couldn’t. I wasn’t brave enough to kiss him, this beautifully lipped stranger, even on the cheek, but he had to know what was going on inside me. However, he packed up his bag and left before I could drop my hastily written note into his lap and run away.
I wonder how he would have responded to my words, even the opening line.
Dear Neighbor,I’ve been sitting here trying to work up the courage to do something for as long as you’ve been sitting here, all because I liked your shoes

AND on top of my fail, I get to class and there's a guy in my group that had managed to kiss a stranger.

Still upset about that,
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April 28- Some Poems

So, I hope that you have been finding my pieces from my creative writing class interesting and entertaining. If not, I'm sorry. Especially because I'm going to present you with several of the poems I wrote for that class.

I must warn you that poetry is not my strong point but I had to try and these were my best attempts.

This first one is a true story. And we had just learned ionic pentameter and sonnets.

On My Way Home
Evening has come again. The dark I fear.
Descend the stairs to the tunnel of tile.
The lights flicker yellow as I draw near.
I stare in fright. My tomb extends a mile.
I see demons in black attacking two boys.
I can’t number the times I have watched it
happen. I am without my wand, a toy.
Harry has one, but its in his pocket.
As the Dementor leans in, I suddenly see
That this can not be real. I’m a Muggle!
But still I run praying, “Help me to be
Unseen.” To my surprise I’m though the tunnel.
I’m still too scared to stop though I know fully
Well that this whole thing just proves I’m silly.

This one is about my mom. I really like that it doesn't rhyme and the repetition is nice.

Hero, My Beloved Hero
Lost, I am lost
Without you holding my hand.
You were my hero, my guiding hero.
Cold, I am cold
Without your arms wrapped around me.
You were my hero, my warm hero.
Hungry, I am hungry
Without the meals you made for me.
You were my hero, my providing hero.
Tired, I am tired
Without you lying by my side.
You were my hero, my comforting hero.
Frightened, I am frightened
Without you here to scare away my demons.
You were my hero, my brave hero.
Crying, I am crying
Because you are gone.
You are still my hero, my lost hero.

This one had a few versions. The first of which was this crazy, long, confusing piece, that really didn't say anything important (and all poems would say something important, and honest). My teacher read it and asked, "So what are you trying to say?" This is how I answered. The ending is weird but whatever.

The things I do
Oh the crazy things I do
And how they get me in to trouble,
Like reading while I walk home
As cars narrowly pass me by.
Oh the funny things I do
Just to brighten up my day,
Like wearing mismatched socks so
I see something new every time I look down.
Oh the weird things I do
That make people stare
Like muttering poetry to myself
So I know how the words feel in my mouth.
Oh the things I do
That make me who I am
Like tripping, and crying for no reason,
And not brushing my hair.
Oh if I didn’t do these things
Would you love me that much more or
Would you love me any less?

Comment please!

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Say something random Geri, QUICK!


*long silence*

*changes subjects* *sorta*

So I have this folder of pictures on my computer entiltled "random stuff" Here are some of the pictures that I like the most.

This is from when the Jonas Brothers were on SNL. Funniest thing I've seen in my life.

I don't remember why I was looking for and saving pics of the Fab Four but this one is my favorite. Early years for sure.


Hehe, direct message on Twitter from We Shot the Moon's Jonathan Jones. heart!

Bahaha, this one is under "story ideas." What if minotaurs were good creatures and they had relationship problems?

Oh my gosh! This was my French 101 teacher. Ladies, can you imagine going to class everyday to pretend to learn what this man is telling you as he speaks to you in the language of love? *puddle* Best semester of college EVER!

Just because.

I wish.

HAHA!! ok, this one I saw in the ads that are in the sidebar on facebook. It reminded me of my band teacher so I had to save it. Not only is the trombone his instrument of choice, he is also in love with Apple.

So, I was in a book store with my laptop and I got bored because I didn't want to pay for internet, so i started looking at all the cards and took pictures of my favorite ones. This one is very high ranking.

Oh the beautiful Phoenix sunsets!

thinking of Gapetto,
Master of Misdeeds.

ps- tomorrow in the last day of BEDA. don't forget to title your blog THANK YOU MAUREEN!pps-BEDAers are the bestas!
don't ask.


What now?

To be honest with you I wrote this blog 8 days ago because I knew I wouldn't be able to really write one today.

I think I just figured out how to talk to yourself in the future!!! schedule your blogs to appear at a later date!!! Oo! this could get interesting!

Anyway, with this being the end of BEDA, I'm sad to see it over. When I'm back to posting in the present, I'm probably going to do it a lot more often than I was before (which was actually in the form of notes on facebook, and I did them about once a month, unless I was really bored or peeved.)

Well, lets just look over what we've done together in the past 30 days. No, changed my mind. I don't want this to be a cliche last day of BEDA blog so we're going to make this just make this as normal as possible...

which will be difficult because I'm pretty weird, as you know from reading all my posts for the past month.

I want to do the easy thing and put up ANOTHER story from my writing class, but I can already hear you moaning in protest. So I will refrain.

Guess where I'm going in 18 days? NEW YORK CITY!!!

And in 26 days, I'll be flying to HAWAII!! I am so excited!

UPDATE ON GAPETTO (and Fyredonna): She totally almost singed his brain hairs yesterday, so Gapetto is pretty mad at her right now. I think we're only months away from an audible connection!

Yeah, I told you I'd still be weird.

So, I JUST realized that my ning picture doesn't really show you all what I look like. You might have a better idea if you are reading this on blogger, but then again, I'm not going to post this to blogger for QUITE sometime. Anywho, here's what I look like, minus the glasses

So, anyway. this post is full of random. Have a great day and a Happy May!! (I'm the hiphopopotamus)

Master of Misdeeds

So yeah, that was my BEDA. Hope you liked it all. ENJOY! comment.

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